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how to become a rock ?

For the past few weeks Fazal Rizvi and Paulina Ruiz Carballido have been collaborating in Paris, during the residency of Fazal Rizvi with Institut Français and Cité des arts Paris.This residency has been made possible by the generous support of The Embassy of France in Pakistan as part of the Lahore Biennale LB03.

Together we have been attempting to think and work through our bodies, in relation to ecological bodies, somatics, formations and time. With my current research stemming from, and in relation to the mountainous terrain of the Karakoram range, we attempt to embody the non-human - we attempt to become a rock - we attempt to become a rock that once rolled down a mountain. And in these attempts we encounter stories of collisions, stories of creations and erosions, and stories of many other falls.

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