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Article "20th. Century BC-AC: Before and After Cunningham" en LOÏE. 05

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Editors: Trevor Carlson, Ken Tabachnick. Coordinator: Silvina Szperling. Compilers/Curators: Mauro Cacciatore, Paulo Caldas, Alejandra Díaz, Martha Hincapie Charry, Paulina Ruiz Carballido, Silvina Szperling. Authors: Mauro Cacciatore, Roger Copeland, Merce Cunningham, Nancy Dalva, Gilsamara Moura, Raúl Parra Gaitán, Paulina Ruiz Carballido, Annie Suquet, David Vaughan, Gabriel Villota Toyos. Graphic Design: Paolo Herrera. Translations: Alejandra Díaz, María José Rubin, Paulina Ruiz Carballido. Correction: María José Rubin. A publication of the Merce Cunningham Trust in collaboration with REDIV (Red Iberoamericana de Videodanza/Screendance Ibero-American Network). ISBN 978-987-86-1456-4 (Asunción, 2019). Distribution and sales: @rediv.oficial or @videodanzaba (IG);

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