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" Quand l'été " vidéodanse

Dernière mise à jour : 1 sept. 2023

Honoré de faire partie de la programmation "Mouvements d'enfants".

Merci @videocity_bs et @xavierv.kat

Videocity au REX Box à Berne en septembre 2023

" Utopia Today - Children's Movements "

Concept Children's Movements

Ueli von Allmen writes:

How do we learn from each other and how does inspiration arise? Can the future show itself in the present? How does joy arise? What is the relationship between inspiration and joy?

These are questions preoccupying me and giving direction to my life. Children tend to live more intuitively and welcome the natural whole, always in motion. As soon as they are stimulated, inspired, they become active and see the world with their own eyes. They become inspired, using all their senses and start playing. It is not easy to see and follow "their film". We humans have different perspectives and perceptions. Childishness is robbed from us by the meritocracy, being a child becomes alien to us. There is no time for dreaming when everything revolves around money, around appearances and no longer around just being.

When we watch the selected video works with others, we are united for a short moment in front of the oeuvre. Our own projections are inspired by it and we can enter into conversation under favourable condition. Being in dialogue with myself is my central concern. Because only in this way do I have a good connection and can empathise with my counterpart. This is how empathy works and it inspires me when I can follow a personally coloured narrative and discover myself in it.

Dates : 31 août - 4 octobre 2023

Les vidéos sont diffusées tous les jours de 13h30 à minuit.

L'exposition est visible gratuitement de l'extérieur dans la REX Box, l'ancienne billetterie.

Artistes : Mohamed Badarne, Maria Marshall, Paulina Ruiz Carballido, Rupert Jörg, Ueli von Allmen

Commissaire d'exposition : Ueli von Allmen, Interlaken

Introduction dans la salle REX 2 : samedi, 9.09.2023, 16:30 à 17:30 par Ueli von Allmen avec sa guitare.

Entrée libre / réservation obligatoire (le billet peut être réservé à la billetterie ou en ligne)

Lieu : REX Box im Kino REX Bern

Schwanengasse 9

3011 Berne

Plus d'informations sur Videocity :

Site web :

Exhibition Location :

REX Bern cinema strives to reach beyond the boundaries of classical cinema. The international network Videocity, founded by Andrea Domesle, has been invited to show video art in the REX Box, the former box office at the entrance of the cinema. Videocity's guest performance explores references between video art and feature film. Each month, a different curator from the Videocity team and network curates the programme. The new cycle "Utopia Today" begins in May and will be programmed for a year.

The September programme of the REX Box is curated by Ueli von Allmen. The musician, known for his children's concerts, is the bandleader of the Tächa (Alpendohle) and lives in Interlaken.

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